Boller's Automotive

1148 N. 4th St.
Coeur D Alene, ID 83814
47.685359 -116.780509
4.91/5.00 average rating
115 reviews
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MNG Customer Reviews (115)

 5     Rr Chatters & Company, 01/27/2011
Did a great job and helped me save money

 5     Ann 01/20/2011
I'd post higher than 5if I could.

 5     Clifford & Sheryl 01/10/2011
Excellent service as usual.

 5     Angelina 12/09/2010
Staff were terrific and saved me a lot of money. They were friendly, listened to my questions and were helpful in every way. I was very impressed with the team. They will have all my auto business from now on and I am already recommending them to my friends and colleagues. I give them Five Stars for excellence.

 5     Lori 12/03/2010
Paul and Paul are great guys, friendly and very knowledgeable. They got my problem solved double-quick and also gave me a run-down on some maintenance issues I needed to address with a reasonable and economical plan get it done. No high pressure, just great service. Thanks!

 5     Chuck 10/18/2010
Thanks for giving my 1956 F-100 a new lease on life!! Chuck Whiteley

 4     Shirlee 07/20/2017
I found Paul to be always friendly, helpful and honest.

 4     Amy 02/16/2017
Being an uneducated woman when it comes to vehicle maintenance, I appreciate Paul taking the time to explain the how's of my car's operating functions & the what if's of proper maintenance versus improper maintenance. I appreciate their honesty, knowledge & service, & also letting me drop my car off & pick it up after work. This is where I will be taking my car from now on.

 4     Jerry 04/28/2016
Great Service at a reasonable price, very friendly.

 4     Jerry 12/17/2015
Very friendly staff and I was very satisfied with their work.

 4     Dale & Cathy 12/02/2015
Very helpful & friendly staff. Got the work done in a timely fashion, which is always much appreciated.

 4     Jerry 04/28/2015
Would recommend my friends to take their car to Boller's

 4     Todd 07/04/2013
Work done: Springs installed on struts. I had to bring them back as one rear strut's 'top hat' wasn't aligned properly and wouldn't install. Minor inconvenience, but was handled promptly and w/out additional cost. Satisfied customer.

 4     Anonymous 05/27/2011
Service was great and timely. What I didn't appreciate was the fact that I was told I needed a $400 dollar front break job that could have been done for less than $200.
Shop Comment
"no ever regretted buying quality... the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten." The SAME job couldn't and never will be done for less than $200. The actual quote was for $364.78. When this customer made this statement she was also given the option of a lower quality service for a lower price. That was within her expectations.

 3     Tim & Gayle 05/21/2015
I love the work that your shop does for us. But, the person that greeted us really needs to learn some people skills. He was rude and arrogant. I will continue to go to your shop because I like the work you do for us. The work was quality and I have never had any issues. But, as for the gentleman at the front counter? I can do without that!!
Shop Comment
What this customer didn't state in his review is interesting. He requested that we install his supplied part for free. We do not work on peoples cars for free. With getting paid for our services we will be able to continue to offer the high quality work that Tim has come to appreciate.

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